Legislative Commitee

The Legislative Committee, along with the IIAM lobbyist, is responsible for the association's legislative effort and communication with state and national government offices as well as interested groups on issues of importance to the IIAM members. Commitee members are volunteers from the association membership.

Legislative Committee Members

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Your Lobbyist
Roger McGlenn
(406) 459-3394

Your Committee Chair
Chuck Mazurek
(406) 933-5975
InsurpacLogo.pngInsurPac is the federal political action committee of our national association, IIABA. It solicits voluntary, personal contributions from agents throughout the country, and then distributes 100% of that money to Congressmen, Senators and candidates for federal office who support small business and the independent agency system.  InsurPac is one of the largest federal PACs in the insurance industry, and is by far the largest property-casualty agent PAC.
The U.S. Congress regularly considers legislation that directly affects the livelihood of independent agents – from taxes, healthcare, and flood insurance to the overhaul of the insurance regulatory system. Through constant dialogue with Members of Congress and participation in numerous fundraising events, our federal government affairs staff has forged strong relationships with many influential policymakers and key congressional staff.
However, they can’t do it alone. It is vital that we, as small business owners and agents, play an active role in shaping the public policy debate and ultimately the laws that come out of Washington, D.C.
Get involved at the local level in order to influence the outcome of federal public policy affecting your industry.

There are many ways you can get involved at the grassroots level:


Join the Montana Big "I" Legislative Commitee - contact Kerri Emmons at (406) 442-9555 extension 105

Participate in ACTION ALERTS – visit the IIABA Grassroots Action Center

Be sure to update your home address information to ensure that you are matched with the correct federal legislator:   Update Your Grassroots Contact Information

Attend town hall meetings – Check your federal legislators’ websites for updates.

Call your federal legislators – Find their information here

Attend fundraisers

Meet with your legislators at the Big "I" Legislative Conference & Convention

Be a Key Contact – Let the Big “I” national office know if you have a personal relationship with a Member of Congress by completing the IIABA Key Contact Form.

Why Should You Get Involved?

Estimates have the number of registered lobbyists in Washington alone at more than 35,000. That’s more than 65 lobbyists for each of the 535 Members of Congress! Yet a Member of Congress considers what is best for constituents like you – not lobbyists. After all, it’s your vote that puts that legislator in office, and it’s your vote that can remove him or her from office. Members of Congress must be made aware that their actions are being closely monitored by the voters back home. That’s why citizens like you are such a powerful force.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Involved?

As a grassroots activist, you will become more knowledgeable about the issues affecting your industry, acquire a more thorough understanding of the political and legislative process and develop a commitment to action. Most importantly, your participation will help protect the future of independent insurance agents and brokers. Please direct questions or comments to