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RLI Home Business Policy

/Resources/SiteAssets/Pages/RLI/RLI BOP/HBPlogo2.gifRLI's Home Business Insurance Policy (HBP) provides great home-business coverage for over 120 classes of small retail and service type home-based businesses for a very low premium. There are no minimum volume requirements, and no access fees. RLI is admitted and A.M. Best "A+" rated.

How to Apply

1. Review our FAQs prior to completing the application.

/Resources/SiteAssets/Pages/RLI/RLI BOP/Download.gifHome Business Policy FAQs.pdf

2. Download and complete the application. Need help? See our "Resources" section.

/Resources/SiteAssets/Pages/RLI/RLI BOP/Form.gifRLI BOP Application.pdf

3. Download and complete the required Terrorism Rejection/Election Form.

/Resources/SiteAssets/Pages/RLI/RLI BOP/Form.gifTerrorism Form.pdf

4. All new applications must be mailed with gross premium check payable to PRIM:

3131 Dredge Drive
Helena MT 59602

Have questions, email us at