Umbrella and Home Business Coverage

Members gain access to RLI Personal Umbrella and Home Business Insurance Policies, as well as an alternate personal umbrella market for risks that fall outside the underwriting guidelines of the RLI Personal Umbrella Policy.

Your Administrator: Natalia Rogers, (406) 442-9555 x106,
RLI_PUP_logo2.jpgThe RLI Personal Umbrella Policy (PUP) is an unsupported umbrella policy written in the standard market.  It does not require that underlying policies be underwritten by RLI.  
The RLI PUP will cover operation of most motor vehicles and small watercraft, incidents involving any property covered by the basic homeowners policy, and incidents alleging slander, libel, defamation of character, invasions of privacy, and false arrest.

How to Apply

1. Complete the application online through the RLI Portal.


2. Select eSignature and pay online with credit card.

3. If client is not able to e-sign, contact your administrator for assistance.

Need help? Check out our training videos under Resources.

/Resources/SiteAssets/Pages/RLI/Anderson Murison/AM_Logo_WeSayYes_225.jpgBig "I" members have access to an alternate market for risks that fall outside the RLI Personal Umbrella guidelines. The Anderson & Murison Personal Excess Policy (A&M PEP) is a stand-alone personal umbrella policy that has been designed to meet the diverse needs of your insureds.

Anderson & Murison, Inc. represents Scottsdale as the national administrator of the Personal Excess Policy. A&M has underwriting and policy issuance authority and as such, is your connection to both the primary Personal Excess Policy and the excess Personal Umbrella Policy.

How to Apply

Requirements for Quoting and Binding

Call (406) 442-9555 x106 or email for information.